Bean's Best LLC offers powder coating, ceramic coating, media blasting, and manufacturing assistance for individuals and OEMs.

Powder + Ceramic Coating

- 1 to 10,000 part orders, custom work, and OEM contract services. Walk-ins welcome!

- Tire mount/dismount/balance service available

- 8000+ colors available in every chemistry (epoxy, polyester, TGIC, high temp, etc) with a materials engineer on site to design the best finish for your application

- 5 stage iron phosphate pretreatment for ferrous parts to ensure a durable corrosion resistant finish

- Specialized aluminum pretreatment 

- 12' x 6' x 6' largest part curing capacity

-Pickup and delivery available

Media blasting

- 20' blast room for large parts

- Blast cabinets for delicate parts

- Available media: steel grit, aluminum oxide, plastic, walnut shell, glass bead, silicon carbide (used for glass etching)

manufacturing assistance

- 3D modeling

- Laser cut and bent metal parts

- Design assistance for improved performance and cost reduction

- Prototyping and production