Bean's Best LLC is a specialty metal finishing facility located in Ann Arbor MI. We focus on delivering coatings of unparalleled quality to both individuals and manufacturers in Southeast Michigan. 

Bean's Best LLC is owned and operated by Julian Carpenter. Julian has 15 years of experience in manufacturing, from unique artistic to industrial production applications. With a bachelors degree in Materials Science from Alfred University and a masters degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Michigan, Julian brings extensive knowledge of chemistry, surface reactions, industrial processes, polymers, metals and ceramics to his business. This gives Bean's Best LLC the ability to understand the processes and environment surrounding the life cycle of your finishing application. The result is a finishing solution tailored specifically to YOUR job that will consider factors other coaters often overlook. 

In addition to coating applications, Bean's Best LLC offers manufacturing assistance for short run parts. We work closely with the area's best fabricators every day, and can take your sketch to a manufactured and coated part for surprisingly little cost and quick turnaround. We help our customers make one-off parts for custom car builds, and also supply high end OEM manufacturers with components for their products. From CNC machining, to water jet and laser cutting, to precision bending. From 1 to 10,000+ part orders.